Sunday, May 8, 2016

New content: Dooley crew photo and other images

I just finished uploading the crew photo and other images to the Dooley crew page. Thanks much to Joe Moore of the Dooley crew for providing this invaluable content!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Another reason to remember our veterans: by seeing our veterans in our mind's eye, and remembering their values, goals, and desires, we can see a little bit better our own path to the future. Thanks to all those folks who wanted to serve our country.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

McCutcheon Crew Listing

When my brother and I were very young, our father kept us up late one evening telling us about his time with VPB-118. He never told us the whole story again; in fact I have no recollection of him talking about his military service again except to other veterans on Ham Radio. One of the things he talked about was when the McCutcheon crew got shot down. The wingman, Horse Thompson, then fought off the Japanese boat that shot them down, and which then tried to come in to capture or kill the survivors.

Darrel White, son of Glen White, provided us with a scan of the original McCutcheon crew photo and yesterday he provided me with the identification of the airmen in the photo. I just modified the page with this new information.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I got word that Jack Leonard of crew 8 (Serrill) left us yesterday (June 30, 2014). To meet Jack Leonard was to like him. We who have known him will miss him.

Celebrating the life of Jack Leonard on July 6th Sunday evening (5-8 pm Wake) and Monday morning July 7th (10 pm Memorial services) at the Peabody Funeral Home on Mammoth Rd. in Londonderry, NH.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day, 2014

There are new crew photos for the Shortlidge crew and the King crew, along with new crew info. 

VPB-118 lost 31 members in action.

Lasater Crew (missing in action 6 May, 1945):
Lt. J.A. Lasater
Ens. M.L. Gibson
Ens. C.J. Milner
AMM2c E.W. Smith
ARM3c W.J. Hawkins
AMM3c C.W. Jacobs
AOM2c R.E. Miller
AMM2c S.C. Bryant
ARM3c D. McAllsiter
ARM3c H.F. Brockhorst
AOM3c W.L. Thornton
AMM3c R.A. Carr

McCutcheon Crew (killed in action 21 July, 1945):
Lt. L.P. McCutcheon
Lt.(jg) F. Reeve
Ens. W.E. Bucklew
AFC1c O.A. Bunkers
AMM2c A.D. Nelson
AMM3c J.N. Welch

Park Crew (killed in action 8 August, 1945):
Lt.(jg) J.R. Park
Ens. G.W. Lewton
Ens. H.L. Lowe
ARM3c E.K. Hall
S1c M.E. Hedrick
AMM3c J.M. James
AOM3c R.A. Koontz
S1c C.A. McKinney, Jr.
ACOM(AA)(T) M.M. Marice
AMM2c J.E. Piquette
S1c P. Prietz
ARM3c R.R. Reinhart
ARM3c H.J. Wartzack

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

I marvel often at how the guys of VPB-118 could fly thousands of miles over open ocean, with the possibility of combat always an element. So I hold those guys, as well as all of the members of the United States armed forces, past and present, in highest regard.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Thirty-one young guys from VPB-118 made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Many more thousands did the same since the beginnings of this nation. In my opinion each one lost and each one that made it home are best honored by remembering their contribution to history, and by learning from that history.