Saturday, August 29, 2009

Design Upgrade To Site

Today I added a proper header to the main pages of the website. It's still pretty basic but I think what I have serves its purose fairly well. The sea image in the background is taken from an actual combat photo taken by a VPB-118 crew member; I just used an area of the image with empty sea and changed it from a grayscale image to a blue duotone. I've still got a lot of work to do on the PB4Y-2 crew pages and other lower-level pages to get them all set up with reasonalby standards-compliant HTML but we're getting there. I should start adding some general squadron chronology soon while working on the page upgrades. VPB-118 website

Monday, August 10, 2009

Charlie Hodge

I just got news that Charlie Hodge has passed away. He will be sorely missed. Probably the main reason I was looking forward to the next reunion was my hopes of getting him to tell some more great stories for the video recorder. I still hope to tape some good interviews, but a great resource has been lost.

Conrad Dodl

I was doing a Google search looking for something else, and came across an obituary for Conrad Dodl. Apparently he was suffering from Alzheimer's and succumbed about two weeks ago. The obituary mentioned that he survived the shoot-down of the McCutcheon plane and received a Purple Heart for injuries received. He probably received a DFC and an Airman's Medal also for his service but that is not mentioned. I don't believe that I ever met Conrad at any of the reunions, but I note his passing with respect.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Updated Crews Page

I did a major overhaul of the crews page today. Now you should be able to read the table more easily, plus you can resort the data to search for whatever particular information you may be looking for. (You must have javascript turned on for the sorting feature to work.) I want to do another table like this for crew members but will have to do that in another session.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm still working on the 118 website. However, what I'm working on now is a proper header for the various pages. I've been bothered by the lack of an actual header so am trying out some ideas. Hopefully I'll be putting something up on the site in a while.

Maybe in the mean time I'll update the formats on the crew pages; they still are set up with table-based layouts. I also am planning on switching the scrapbook images to a nicer format with javascript slideshows. I already know how to do that but the header is more urgent.