Saturday, May 29, 2010

Salutations on the Memorial Day Weekend

I guess I'll be doing a little work on the site this Memorial Day weekend.

As of 2 pm Saturday, I "modernized" four crew pages, crews 14 through 17. As of 4:30 pm I added one half page to the chronology. I updated two more crew pages on Sunday. It's slow going on the crew pages, unfortunately. As of end of day 5/31 I updated the Terrell through Rinehart crew pages. The Park Crew pages took a little more time because of the number of images and the extra page devoted to their unfortunate loss. I can see that I'll have to come back and fine-tune some of these pages, but hopefully the pages are improved over what they used to be.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grand Rapids Reunion

As I have mentioned, the VPB-118 Reunion is planned for August of this year, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There's been a little bit of head-scratching about what the activities might be in Grand Rapids. I've pointed out that Battle Creek, not terribly far away, is where the Kellogg's cereal empire is centered. This evening I happened to look at an email newsletter that just came in and was stunned to see this enormous cast horse, designed by Leonardo DaVinci five hundred years ago. This is a modern casting of a recreation of his sculpture. I guess this would be an interesting attraction to visit! At this time I have no idea if this is under consideration, but it pretty much debunks that notion that there's not a lot of note in the area. I provided a link to the story alongside the image.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Welcomes Six-Millionth Visitor