Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day, 2014

There are new crew photos for the Shortlidge crew and the King crew, along with new crew info. 

VPB-118 lost 31 members in action.

Lasater Crew (missing in action 6 May, 1945):
Lt. J.A. Lasater
Ens. M.L. Gibson
Ens. C.J. Milner
AMM2c E.W. Smith
ARM3c W.J. Hawkins
AMM3c C.W. Jacobs
AOM2c R.E. Miller
AMM2c S.C. Bryant
ARM3c D. McAllsiter
ARM3c H.F. Brockhorst
AOM3c W.L. Thornton
AMM3c R.A. Carr

McCutcheon Crew (killed in action 21 July, 1945):
Lt. L.P. McCutcheon
Lt.(jg) F. Reeve
Ens. W.E. Bucklew
AFC1c O.A. Bunkers
AMM2c A.D. Nelson
AMM3c J.N. Welch

Park Crew (killed in action 8 August, 1945):
Lt.(jg) J.R. Park
Ens. G.W. Lewton
Ens. H.L. Lowe
ARM3c E.K. Hall
S1c M.E. Hedrick
AMM3c J.M. James
AOM3c R.A. Koontz
S1c C.A. McKinney, Jr.
ACOM(AA)(T) M.M. Marice
AMM2c J.E. Piquette
S1c P. Prietz
ARM3c R.R. Reinhart
ARM3c H.J. Wartzack


  1. Rest in peace Uncle Jack (James). I'm sorry I never knew you..PeggyWilkins